New England Patriots Tire Cover Logo

New England Patriots Tire Cover Logo

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The New England Patriots have given their fans plenty of thrills and excitement, especially over the last few years with some incredible Super Bowl wins. But you've been a fan for much longer. Way before Adam Viniateri's first clutch kicks, you remember cheering on Gino Cappelletti, Nick Buoniconti or John Hannah.

No matter how long you've been a Patriots fan, you can celebrate the team's heritage with this spare tire cover. It features the iconic Pat Patriot logo, as it appeared on helmets until 1992. Just like the Patriots, this tire cover is made from superior-strength heavy-gauge vinyl, which means it will protect your tire from damage and weather such as rain, snow or insults thrown by Jets fans.

At Just for Jeeps, we understand tradition and passion. That's why we made sure this NFL tire cover is manufactured to be more durable than most products intended for fans. No matter where you go, you can show your Patriots pride on your beloved Jeep and rest assured you're not making any sacrifices to your equipment.

Large Size Tire Cover

  • Tire Diameter from 29.5 to 32.5 inches
  • Maximum Tire width 11 inches